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We file more than 100 bankruptcies a month and over a thousand a year

IMG-20190514-WA0000We file over 100 bankruptcy petitions for our debt clients every month. Every year, thousands of debtors hard hit by credit card debts and personal loans instruct us to file bankruptcies for them.  Picture: 3 of our lawyers experienced in debt problems, Raymond Tang, Matthew Tse and Pierre Sun.

Welcome to, an English website dedicated to basic bankruptcy information. If you are in heavy debts and stressed by credit card or personal loans, you may consider bankruptcy  (破產) or debt relief plan (DRP債務舒緩重組)  to solve your debt problems.

We have handled more than 10,000 bankruptcy applications and more than 2000 debt restructuring plans since 2011. WE ARE EXPERIENCED & CAN BE TRUSTED BY YOU! WE ARE LEADING IN PERSONAL INSOLVENCY LEGAL PRACTICE.

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